Wednesday, 19 October 2016

leone Writing Test Prac - Into the cave

Once upon a time there were 3 people going on a trip down a cave. They thought there were gold but they had to look nearly every wear in the cave they have to look under the dust if there is gold.

They found nearly found heaps of gold they heard a noiz they said that was nothing and they were still finding gold they heard it again they were so scared they didn't had a way out there light was nearly running out of battery one of them said I have spare battery he put it in the light it was more brighter he said thanks when they were hungry they had some food in there bag.

They thought that they have left it at home but they did not they said someone must of eaten it but no one has they saw something it was a ghost they weren't scared but one of them were the guy that was scared he was hiding behind the brave guy they had a weapon to kill the ghost the ghost was trying to make friends with them but they said no and the ghost said i'll find a way out for you guys and they said yes please and when they got out of the dark and hot cave.

They said there is the gold when they looked inside it there were a little gold coins like they get $20$ each because there were $60$ in the big heavy gold box.               Son_Doong_Cave_5.jpg

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