Friday, 20 May 2016

leone stroked

iron man

  1. Describe your  superhero
Name of superhero
Happy, sad, brave, friendly etc.
Blonde, Brown, long, short etc
Cape, tights, armour, etc
Gold mask. Red stuff on Him
Body type
Muscled, Tall, Short etc,
He`s got blue eyes. Abs
Flying, Super strength, laser eyes etc
His power is he can fly to the sky

  1. Write a character Description of your superhero.

Ironman is a superhero that can fly to the sky to save people If the bad heros are trying to kill the people Ironman has boost under his boots so he can fly high so he can save the people that falling to the ground if they fall they wall die Ironman can kill people with his laser on his hand the laser color is red it can go far as.  

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

leone super heros

e here:Superman said”. To captain america he can throw faster than you” but captain america said no i can throw faster a fairer and then they had a challenge to see who can throw the fairer`s super man went first he frowned a little bit far but captain america frowned the fairer`s . The they went to go get KFC