Friday, 29 May 2015

leone marshamallows

And jimmy was by the tees he was scared and he ran  in the trees  he mate of went home to do it and the monster was behind him and he had yellow eye  and he hear a monster behind him he was so so scared the monster ate all the marshmallows the boy had a bag of marshmallows the boy fall  on the grass# and the boy was trying to defend himself and the monster was doing tektite on his TAIL he swung his stick  to the monster the boy had the  marshmallows was on it the monster swung his tongue he  the 
.marshmallow of the stick   

Friday, 1 May 2015

leone immersion assembly

 Yesterday the whole of pt England school went to the  Immersion assembly to learn about our topic.

My  favorite item was  Ms Barks. He made a hovercraft.He made it by attaching a leaf blower  to a board shaped  in a circle when he stars the leaf blower it was moving and it was fun