Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country

Last Monday we had cross country I came 7th but Kurtas came 1st at the end we had a glass of water I was thirsty, then we watched the big kids.

We had no leader so we ran around the course it was long as and I was jogging it to the finish line and when I got to the big park I sprinted and came 6th it was cool because we ran out the gates there was heaps of mud.

It went up our t-shirt there was mud on my back, it was good i was excited to race on the grass.

There was people on the grass, the big kids ran to the beach a boy was really muddy. The year 7&8's had to do 2 laps and they weren't giving up they were still running and the mud was on my leg.


  1. I like your Cross Country writing because you have more then two from Tata.

  2. hi leone i like your cross country writing from leylani