Wednesday, 25 November 2015

leone t rex

File:Tyrannosaurus rex Skizze

Era: Cretaceous
Size: 40 feet long - 20 feet long 6 tons - 1 point 2 meters
Other features: it lived 85 million years ago - there's a bigger than  -T REX it lived in a hot bac -it can ‘eta 500 bons -meat
it got a big mouth & it got 3 tos .
it got nothing in it`s bones because to make it fast
it got lots of mussel in it`s tail wag it
60 long teeth it can bit a bone when it`s  teeth come out it teeth will grow bigger & it`s  sharper than a knife
it is found in montana texas utah wyoming canada mongolia - Tyrannosaurus Rex is a lized king
sometimes the eggs crack when the mother is there & the mother leaves & the  baby ones die easy
a trerddol  is good at looking the trerddol ate the little t rex if the little t rex  did not die the little t rex will grow big   
when it ran it took 15 step long . It can also fight & it can protect it`s body & head
the mother and father will be sad and the father should look after the baby

If a t rex is in a room with other dinosaurs the t rex can smell the dinosaurs from his noise case the smell go`s in the t rex noise.

It can smell 3 kilometers away  

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

leone museum trip

We had to go to the museum to look at some fossil on the dinosaure case we are learning about dinosaurs this year.

When we went to the museum we had to put our bags in this locker we had to lock it so no one steal our lunch we had to write our name on the locker board so we no white bags is ours.

My favourite part was rolling down the hill i neal crashed in the tree in the rubbish bag i was disse as i fall over on the grass William was laughing and i was laughing.

My favourite part was playing touch with the boys and the girls the girls got 1 try the boys got 2 tries when Kurtas got touched Kurtas rolled the ball i got it and i passed it back to Kurtas he scored all the try`s

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

leone Athletics Day

On friday the whole of pt england did athletics it was fun on the high jump sometimes i failed sometimes i made it

year 4 boys had to do sprinting to the 1 our 2 con 2 teacher had to see who came 1 2 3 they had to race again kurtas came 1 leonardy came 2 tepea came 3 for 50m then we did 70m last we did 100m then we went to the next stage

it was throwing it was fun as because some boyz throw it far some boyz throw it low as it was cool when i threw it far emmanuel threw it far as he came 1 tepea came 2 kruz cam 3

Thursday, 12 November 2015

leone manaiakalani film festival

Yesterday at the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia park we had to sit on the nice red set Miss Stickland said, "2 people have to sit with 2 people. 1 person has to sit on the other chair next to them. "

I like The Quiz because there were 2 teams 1 team had one point the other team had 5-6 points.

I like Stay Young because that was our one we went on the scares to do it and we went on the park to do it too i had to do the monkey bars i had to full on the barks.

I like The Force because Richard put the force gel on his hair. He was playing with the apple and he was playing with the pencil. Then someone threw 4-3 bean bags at him.