Wednesday, 23 September 2015

mt wellington warriors prize giving

At mt wellington warriors club i got the trophy and we never lost we won all the games i got all the tries the score of mt wellington was 35 the other team score was 7 we won all of it we had a feed after the game they dropped us home and we had another feed we had kfc it was nice and hot i had a shower when i got home because i was mude as i was cold at the game because it was raining hard as at night we had prize giving i was the captain in the team

leone volcanologist

PLAN INTRODUCTION. WHAT DOES A VOLCANOLOGIST DO? A volcanologist has different job. They have to collect rocks at the volcano and they have to take it to the office or the laboratory and they test the rocks. WHAT DOES A VOLCANOLOGIST WEAR? They have to wear silver clothes because the lava will jump on the silver clothes and it will jump off they have to wear heavy gloves and breathing apparatus so the lava can`t get on there face and they wear special suits for the lava they have to wear a breathing apparatus so the smoke can`t go in there noise and mofe and they will die HOW DO YOU BECOME A VOLCANOLOGIST? you have to learn to be a volcano person and you have to train at home on a fake volcano with a person that knows. WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE? You have to be a smart person that good at doing volcanol and be carefull from the hot fire if you dont you will die from the hot hot volcanol

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country

Last Monday we had cross country I came 7th but Kurtas came 1st at the end we had a glass of water I was thirsty, then we watched the big kids.

We had no leader so we ran around the course it was long as and I was jogging it to the finish line and when I got to the big park I sprinted and came 6th it was cool because we ran out the gates there was heaps of mud.

It went up our t-shirt there was mud on my back, it was good i was excited to race on the grass.

There was people on the grass, the big kids ran to the beach a boy was really muddy. The year 7&8's had to do 2 laps and they weren't giving up they were still running and the mud was on my leg.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

fireman David

Fire man David came to visit our school he told us if we want to be a firefighters they have to test us and in the gray builder they turn the heat up and it is hot in side and they need a breathing apparatuses and there is black paper in it and we can't see anything inside the house when it is on fire they pull the hose out from the fire truck fire man david has two families he gets paid when he sleeps and there might be fires at night the fire station newry closes at night our day time because a fire might come up and they have to go to the fire before they die and fire man said his name was fire man David and his wife was here at pt england school if there's a fire in a house you need to get down on your ness so the smoke don't get in you nose and he does fitness he runs up and down the stern

Thursday, 3 September 2015

leone future - job

My aspiration for the future is to be a police officer. The job of a police officer is to arrest bad people to keep our community safe. They pull people over on the road when they are drunk and they take people to jail. When cars have a crash fire fighters go and a police car and a ambulance to check if they are ok and we learn from the police officer and we anet a lorde quit and you won't get money they take guns in case they fight and they check every wear for guns and bad stuff and cro bar to and they take the bad stuff to the police staring they wear dark blue paints and t shirts if dears a fight someone has to call police to talk to them they have to apologies for fight if you fight you will go to jail job