Friday, 16 November 2018

Leone Balancing Act.

Leone Film Review.

On Wednesday 7th November Pt England School we to the movies in Silvey Park and we saw other schools there and we they were going out of the movies we went into the movies and we watched year 5 video to year 8 videos and some of the videos were funny. My Favorite video was DodgeBall because they had heaps of battles and there were 3 teams and the names of the teams were The Roosters,The Hard Targets, and The Dirty Dodges. My Favorite team was the Rooster because when they won the semi final they had good sportsmanship because he helped up the other player when he fell down on the grass.

Leone Ratio and proportion extension

Thursday, 8 November 2018

What makes a good leader.

Have you ever dreamed to be a leader that you would pass on the ability to a different person? Well to become a leader you have to be brave, show others what to do and help others.

First, To be a leader you have to brave enough to go in the dark by yourself and with other people. And if it is dark and somebody is hurt and you hear them you can go help them to be a good leader and to be brave.

Second, a good leader has to be a role model. A leader has to be good at doing stuff properly and you brave to go where other people don't want to go you have to go by yourself and go back where the people are safe and go back and say that it is good to go.

Third, a good leader has to help others to reach their goals like the NRL  Sydney Roosters captain Jake Friend and their other captain Boyd Cordner. The Roosters just wanted to win the NRL world championship. Jake  Friend helped his team by setting up the tries and there dropkicks.

So to become a Good Leader you have to be. Brave,Show other people what to do and,Helping other people what to do,