Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Leone Game of Awesome creative writing

Once upon a time I was going to the beach I went to go and have a swim. and after my swim I was walking home and I saw a Kung-fu fighter It showed me some of his skills and when it showed me his skills. i saw a light on his leg and i said what is that light on you and then he touched it and it was power and he touched it again and he said it was power-up.

When a boy went to go and have a shower he took off his underpants he jumped in the shower and after that day his mum. went to do the washing and she did not the the magnetic underpant so she tipped the whole thing in the washing machine. and when she turned on the washing machine and she heard a big bang on the washing machine and she ran to it and she opened it. and she accidently broke it and the Kung-fu fighter ran super fast to the house and he punched it and it worked.

There was a human on a wrecking ball he was going to go right through his friends  window. so his friend called him and said no do not smash my window or i won't be your friend. and then he jumped on the wrecking ball and he smash the window and he went inside and he said he forgott