Thursday, 26 March 2015

leone Malama Honua MANU

We have to waited patiently  for the waka to a rivved  in  the BECH
we have to wated patiently for the song. it was fun

My favourite part …   down and we wated for the song to star we saw 2 waka BWas when we run to pt england BECH and we sitat 1 was come to pt england Bech and we went to school
My favourite part was when….

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

my waka



 On Monday Room 11 and 12 went to Motat to learn abou inventions. It was AWESOME.

I waited patiently for trun on  the tram

Our leader gave us explicit instructlons about to don’t run because we mitty slep  and we went to go in the room and we saw suff like phone and then we had luch and we went back to school and we put up the ches and we went wath a move and we went home