Wednesday, 25 November 2015

leone t rex

File:Tyrannosaurus rex Skizze

Era: Cretaceous
Size: 40 feet long - 20 feet long 6 tons - 1 point 2 meters
Other features: it lived 85 million years ago - there's a bigger than  -T REX it lived in a hot bac -it can ‘eta 500 bons -meat
it got a big mouth & it got 3 tos .
it got nothing in it`s bones because to make it fast
it got lots of mussel in it`s tail wag it
60 long teeth it can bit a bone when it`s  teeth come out it teeth will grow bigger & it`s  sharper than a knife
it is found in montana texas utah wyoming canada mongolia - Tyrannosaurus Rex is a lized king
sometimes the eggs crack when the mother is there & the mother leaves & the  baby ones die easy
a trerddol  is good at looking the trerddol ate the little t rex if the little t rex  did not die the little t rex will grow big   
when it ran it took 15 step long . It can also fight & it can protect it`s body & head
the mother and father will be sad and the father should look after the baby

If a t rex is in a room with other dinosaurs the t rex can smell the dinosaurs from his noise case the smell go`s in the t rex noise.

It can smell 3 kilometers away  

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