Monday, 17 October 2016

leone test writing the little boat

One day 2 Brother were going for a trip on that day they were far out they were scared that they were going to drown there was strong wind and storm`s coming so they were sleeping and the storm was coming and the strong wind so there boat flipped over they had lifejacket on so they don't drown when there bubble gum was sinking one of them swam down to get it he got it and he ate the whole thing and he spat it in his hand and he put it on the hole and 2 of the Brother pushed the boat but it didn't work so they tried it again it still didn't work so they tried it again.

It worked so when they got in they were soaking wet they had  towels but they were wet but not there t-shirt and pants because they were in a heavy bag but they have lost the key for it but they found something in the boat it was so strong it can break the lock open when they opened they were so happy it was open so they said there was the key it was broke in half.

They said it was funny because when they opened the bag and when they touched the key it just broke and they said hahahah and they were safe when they were going home and they were talking the way home.

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