Thursday, 2 June 2016

leone Narrative Writing

Start Writing Here: spider man was fighting Joker. First spiderman smash him in the face then he kicked him in the leg  then Joker pushed an of the sky tower then spider man jumped off to to save her she said she is thena die she was crying case she was nearly there and then they went back up to fight him then spider man pushed his of to then he nearly died then he saw a rope on the wall stuck then he climbed it when he got up there spider man kicked his face hard as he can then in 1 minter Joker went up there again it was a really dark night spider man was behind him spider man pulled him down then he fall in the trade he got back up he climbed the ladder then he wanted a real fight then they did spider man punch him in the face joker kick him in the leg then spider man shined him in the leg then spider man used his web`s on his body so he doesn't run away        

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