Friday, 25 November 2016

leone Crazy Motat Adventures - Narrative

Start Writing Here:On Tuesday at motat we had to get into groups i was in Mr Bax's group we had to hang out on the tram with miss Bax`s group i sat in the front next to the driver when we got off i said i am taking 1 minute in the toilet but when my friends. Came in they said they are going to take 2 minute but they took 10 minute and i said hurry up we are going now they are going to leave us behind  Leonardy was crying hard out. Because he was locked out with some students from other schools they said ho is that crying they were talking but leonardy wasn't. The other school told me someone was crying it was Leonardy i ran to try to open the door but i can't i had to get some help. Leonardy was screaming like a girl.

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