Monday, 4 April 2016

leone wild night

Last Wednesday I sprinted to school as fast as I could so I don't be late for camp the wind was slapping my face hard the wind was strong I sleep with Leiite our tent nearly broke.

Leiite and I walked to our tent we opened It  was soaking wet. We coed  hear the wind blowing hard the trees were danna brake it was year 5 & 6 camp.

When we were sleeping mr Sommerville woke us up we had to move to the library because the trees were falling near the tents me and Leiite move to the side`s because the trees might fall on our tent.  And mr Goodwin woke us up with this red siren he played a song.

I couldn't sleep because the trees were shaking I had to stay up all night but Leiite sleep when it was strong. I was so scared I head up my sleeping bag but in the library I Slepted ..

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