Friday, 7 August 2015

leone firefighters

Being a firefighters is a challlenging job. You have to be fit and mentally strong. 

   A firefighters has very different jobs because their work is varied. They extinguish the fire by putting the hose out. They go to accidents too and if the car blows  up or is burning the firefighters get the hose out and they blow the water out. They also let people go to the fire station to teach people to be fire smart and how to go outside and call 111 if there is a fire. 

 What Do Firefighters Wear? 
Firefighters have to wear safety gear to protect them from the heat. They wear gloves to protect people and they have breathing apparatus to save people in the car or the car will blow and they cut the car up to get people out or if they don't use it they will die . They have fireproof clothing so the fire won't come in. The fireproof mask protects himself from the flames.

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